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The Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Testing Facility, established in 2016, allows ERDC researchers to study the behavior of materials at high strain rates and complex stress states. The application of these studies range from blast effects to ballistic resistant materials. This system can perform experiments in simple stress or one-dimensional states, as well as high-strain rate triaxial experiments. The compression system can test samples up to 2-in diameter using confining pressures of up to 30ksi. The tensile system up to 0.75-in diameter. Experiments can be performed at strain rates up to 103/s. The data generated aids in understanding dynamic material behavior and properties.

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Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Testing Facility

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Structural Load Floor

The Structural Load Floor is a unique facility, and one of only a few of its kind in the world. Built to provide a resistance force of up to 2.5 million pounds of force, the floor provides a specialized ability to perform large load tests in a controlled environment, with the ability to conduct 24-hour operations to accelerate life cycles of test samples to failure. The facility includes three MTS 100-kip actuators, one MTS 600-kip actuator, and three modular test frames. Additional higher capacity actuators and control systems are currently being developed to upgrade capabilities. The facility provides an instrumentation/observation room, data loggers, and power supplies for hydraulic, electrical, and electronic equipment.