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Existing Lab Re-validation Request

Find your lab in our database files using the drop-down window on the lab box. Once you find your lab and click on it, all the information the MTC has will populate the form – all items are required except the fax number. Check this data and make any corrections needed. Now it is time to select the test methods for which you need validation. Once complete, click the "Submit Request Form" button. If you have picked methods requiring ACI certifications, you will see a screen to fill in names, certification numbers, dates of expiration, and scans of certificates for each technician. Once completed, hit the submit button. Your lab POC will receive a copy of the email request. This validation request is complete and the onsite inspection, submittal of data for review, or other will follow.

If you are using AASHTO Accreditation to be validated, then you must grant the MTC access to your account, and you must show proof of that prior to being validated.