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The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Materials Testing Center (MTC) is committed to providing quality materials testing in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost. In addition, MTC supplies inspection services of commercial laboratories for quality assurance and quality control testing. Located at the ERDC Waterways Experiment Station site in Vicksburg, MS, the MTC is the only agency authorized to validate commercial laboratories to work for the Corps of Engineers.


Beginning in 2021, the MTC now requires that any lab (AASHTO accredited or not) requesting USACE Laboratory Validation will be required to present non-expired American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certifications for those areas of testing requiring such for any technicians working in the laboratory to be validated. The MTC is aware that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic during the calendar year 2020, ACI training workshops and testing sessions may be limited and acquiring certifications may be somewhat difficult during the calendar year 2021 and into the beginning of 2022. The MTC will work with labs to accommodate these conditions. Please contact us for questions you may have on this requirement.

Currently, the ACI Certifications that will be required, along with the testing methods covered by each, are as follows:

  • Aggregate Testing Technician Level 1 ---- aggregate testing including ASTM D75, C702, C117, C127, C128, C136, C566, and C40.
  • Aggregate/Soils Base Testing Technician ---- soils testing including ASTM D75, C702, D421, D422, D4318, D2216, D698, and D1557.
  • Concrete Strength Testing Technician ---- concrete strength testing including ASTM C617, C1231, C39, and C78.
  • Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 ---- fresh concrete testing including ASTM C172, C1064, C143, C138, C231 and/or C173, and C31.

Laboratories that do not have these certifications in place cannot be validated for those methods covered by these certifications until they are in place. Proof of enrollment/payment for a certification testing event will not be accepted for validation, only final certifications of the technicians doing the testing will be accepted for this requirement.

MTC Experience

  • 700+ Validated Laboratories
  • 100+ Certified Material Sources
  • 350+ Inspections, Audits and Certifications per year
  • 0ver 35 Research Engineers, Scientists, and Support Personnel on Staff
  • image 1
    Tim McCaffrey, Senior Testing Technician, adds asphalt emulsion to an asphalt test mix in the Asphalt Lab
  • image 3
    End grinding concrete test cylinders in the High Bay area
  • image 4
    Failure of a concrete test cylinder under compressive load
  • image 5
    Large stone and concrete saw table in the High Bay area
  • image 6
    Large capacity drum mixer on Mixer Alley in the High Bay area
  • image 7
    GEOTAC testing (shearing, triaxial, compression, etc) room in the Soils Lab
  • image 8
    Specific gravity test racks in the Soils Lab
  • image 9
    Soils sieved and awaiting further analysis in the Soils Lab
  • image 10
    Processing large-size aggregate in the Aggregates Lab
  • image 11
    LA Abrasion and sieve shaking machines in the Aggregates Lab
  • image 12
    Electro-pulse, 5.5Kips, 30Kips, 100Kips test frames in the Load Frame testing room
  • image 13
    Conducting tensile test in the Load Frame testing room
  • image 14
    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) examination room
  • image 15
    X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis in the Materials Analysis Lab
  • image 16
    X-Ray Diffraction Analysis in the Materials Analysis Lab
  • image 17
  • image 18
  • image 19
  • image 20
  • image 21
  • image 22
  • image 23
  • image 24
  • image 25